I’m going through a very romantic phase. I guess I’m almost out of it. I’m still listening to so many romantic songs! At least the movies are not that romantic anymore. Comedies and Sitcoms. I’m also going back to dramas and thrillers. Wow!

Last week I recovered the Shakira discography I downloaded a long time ago. It was interesting listening to all those songs again. Specially now that I understand the fast parts of the songs I couldn’t before. I’m trying to listen to all the songs I have and check my favorites. Last week I listened to a great one, but I was giving Kate a bath and I can’t find the song anymore. I don’t even remember the lyrics… But I’m sure I’ll listen to it again and then I’ll put it into my playlist and never lose it again.

This week was great! I could even find the will to write here again. I had dance lessons. I went out to dance with my friends. The work was good. I went to the gym. It felt like this week was almost perfect! Today we went to the  park, played frisbee, board games. It was so much fun! I really enjoy my friends and all we do together. I’m glad we go out as often as we can.

Someone told me once that I’m not as rational as I think; that I’m more emotional than it seems. I’m starting to agree. I think I didn’t want to think of me that way before. And I’m sure I’ll feel better about myself and more confident once I accept this.

The dance lessons are helping me already. Although I wish I had more friends I could talk about more personal stuff. I have good friends. People I can talk about most things. We enjoy ourselves; we go out; but I don’t feel we are close enough. At least I don’t feel totally free to talk about somethings. I wish I did. Maybe now that I started to go out with them I’ll see more opportunities to chat more. And meet new people.

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