Weekend ahead

Ah, weekend! I’m really enjoying my weekends, lately.

This weekend we’re having a picnic at Parque das Nações Indígenas. This is one of my favorite things to do on the weekend. Usually I go by myself. I invite people, but I don’t think they like it that much. This time, we’re playing bets and having the picnic. Some people already confirmed.

I’m not inspired to write this week. I started writing about my trip to USA, but I can’t seem to find energy to write about everything. So I stopped for a while. Maybe in a few days. Actually, I miss something new to write about. I guess my current problem is that I have many things to talk about, but I can’t write in my blog. Because it’s very personal to friends of mine, and they trusted me with the information. I don’t want to disappoint them or lose their trust.

So I keep quiet. There are some subject about myself that I’d like to talk, too. Some of them are wishes. So I better not tell – or write 😉

Weekends are the best for me because I can meet my friends, get distracted a bit. Spend some energy. I know that if I stay at home, I won’t do anything useful and will be thinking a lot of things I don’t have to. If I go out, I interact with people, I talk to my friends, I don’t keep day dreaming 😛

I like to stay focused. I like real things. I think it’s important to keep it real. I prefer things that are in front of me. That I can touch and feel. Dreaming is important, but it stresses me to think that they are only dreams, or only things I imagine it’s real. If I can’t feel it or touch it, then I better not bother myself with that. And when you have people around is easier to forget about the impossible things than when you are by yourself.

One thing I need to learn is to talk about personal stuff. I think I give the impression that I don’t care, because I’m not good in asking questions. Probably because I care too much about what other people will think about what I just spoke. (note to self: let this go!)

On the other hand, if people ask me, I answer with my heart. I’m an open book. Just need to find the right question 😉 I don’t lie, and I open everything. It’s a problem, because if the person is really a friend, we bond. But if the other person only wants to exploit me, I’m screwed. Specially when I’m in this situation, where I have something I need to put out of my mind. Then someone I trust asks the right question. That’s what it takes 😉

But I am a bit shy. So there are some questions that I can’t find the will to ask. And that I really can’t answer.

Now, day-dreaming… sometimes I wish the right person asks me the right question. And I wonder if I’ll be able to answer, or my shyness won’t allow me. I hope I manage the situation and everything goes right…

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