2012 goals

OK, I was going to write about my New Year’s resolutions. But these are not really resolutions. They are goals for 2012. I guess it’s normal to think about these kind of stuff around these days. We’re about to enter a new year… so here they are:

  • Learn Italian. It’s been a while I don’t try a new language. I thought for a long time about german, but it’s a bit hard to learn it by yourself. And I don’t want to go to a school. I really want to learn something by myself. When I think I’m ready to go to the next step, I’ll look for an advanced class. French was also among the options, but I think italian will be easier.
  • Join the Night Bikers. Oh, this one is new and I really hope to join them soon. I already have the bike and helmet. Need to improve the bike yet to make it more comfortable. But I intend to start in january. Maybe, I’ll go to the advanced trails before august.
  • Go to work by bike. This is really a goal. I’m starting this in january for good. My goal is to go by bike at least three times a week.
  • Join the gym. If I want to go by bike, I’ll have to join a gym. I’ll need to take a shower before work.
  • Run in local competitions. This is another thing I really want to do. I know I’m still not physically prepared, but I’ll start slowly.
  • Pass the IFPUG test. This is for the second quarter. Already studying.
  • Pass the PMI test. This is for the fourth quarter. I read almost the entire book. Still need to practice for the test.
  • Go to Machu Pichu. Already working on gathering friends to join me and creating my travel plans.
  • Go to USA for Christmas. Don’t know yet if this will happen. It’ll all depends on a series of events, but it’s a goal.
  • Buy my car. This one is the toughest. But I hope I’ll save enough for it. I’ll go by bike to work. I’m not eating out to save more money.
  • Dance lessons. I intend to take some dance lessons. I still don’t know where. This is a long shot, since I’ll be already going to the gym and also the night bikers rs With all these goals, will I have a free evening for this? Hope so.

I think I wrote everything down. I am thinking of creating a poster in my bedroom with all these written down, so I can keep track of them. I read somewhere that that’s a good way to keep track of your goals and make sure you are following them. Also, if the goals change, you change the poster. Easy, right?


3 thoughts on “2012 goals

  1. oieee só vi seu comment agora… eu topo, com certeza, vc me mostra philly pq nao conheço nada 🙂 qdo vc ta pensando em ir?

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