Happy and sad

Today was a very good day. We had the last meeting of the year and it was in a very beautiful place. I was with my best friends, with people I really care about.

The holiday season is coming up soon, too.

I’m a bit sad because I won’t be in town this week. Don’t  get me wrong! I love to travel, and I like to travel on business, too. It’s usually tense, but the results are always good. But this time I’m a bit tired and I don’t want to be away from Campo Grande for the next weeks. There’s so much going on. And so much to gain here!

I always say that one of the best decisions I made was to move to Campo Grande. I love it here. I feel like my life really started when I came here. I overcame so much. I changed so much. Still, there’s a lot to change. So many things to let go. So many layers to break through…

I’m happy all of this is happening. I’m sad I can’t overcome the shyness and pride and do what I want to do.


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