Stuff – not important

I’m sure I wanted to say something…. Here I am, at the office, waiting for the time to go to the meeting. We’ll celebrate the success of one of the projects at Dom Pauligi, a pizza place in town.

I feel very tired. I can’t think straight anymore.  So I decided to come here to write a bit about… nothing.

Just got a call from my mother saying she’ll not be at home this weekend. Yay! I need time alone to think about many things and also to study. So this saturday will be for it.

Yesterday some people from work were talking about paintball or kart this saturday. I told there is nothing but one thing that would get me out of the house this saturday. I didn’t say what and I’m not going to write it here. 🙂 First because I don’t think it’ll happen. Second because I’m very superstitious LOL

You know what I was considering this morning? The number of people who never smile! Have you ever noticed how many people look like this: 😦

It’s amazing! You check their faces and you’ll see. Most people are so unhappy about their lives and themselves that it changed their features. And it really shows up in their faces! I’ve noticed this for a while now. But it was today that I really thought about it.

And then I noticed how often I laugh! I’m always laughing. Really. Or at least smiling. I only noticed this because last week (on monday.. that terrible monday) I was a bit sad. And people at work asked me why I was sad that way and I quote: “you are always so happy”.

Then I remembered the song:

“Tristeza não tem fim… Felicidade, sim”

That’s not true in my life. I don’t mean that I never have bad things happening, or that I don’t feel sad sometimes. But I don’t feel sad most of the time. I fell like I always have something to be grateful for. And Thanksgiving has been one of the ways to express this to others.

Ok, I get cranky sometimes. It’s natural, right? And when I do… I know it’s hard to deal with me.

I read a very interesting book when I was a kid: Pollyanna. It’s wonderful. It’s a girl book, ok? But still… Well, the main message is that no matter how bad something is to you, there is always a bright side of it. So, when both her parents died, she said it was sad, but the best part was that she could meet her aunt. When her aunt put her in the attic, with only one small window, she was happy because she could see the tree and the birds.

Right now I’m reading a book about forgiveness. And in parts, it reminds me of Pollyanna. And how that book affected my life. And how happy I am about all the small little things I have in life. And then I remembered what I said in Thanksgiving: so many good things happened this year that I can’t even remember one bad thing to tell.

Although I look at life this way, I still have a hard time to forgive what I think is betrayal to me. If someone betrays my trust… it’s hard for me to process it.. and forgive. I’m learning some exercises to help me overcome this situations easier. But it’ll take sometime. The book I’m reading now, with all I remember from Pollyanna will sure work. I feel happier and lighter already. And I guess that’s what motivated me to write this post. Today I can say that the most hurtful ones are almost out of my head. And that also makes me happier!


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