My nickname – why??

I don’t tell this story very often, and lately many people have asked me why my nick is dkaths. Well, it’s not a long story.

When I first created an e-mail for me, I didn’t want to put my name on it. I wanted some kind of secret identity online. So, I came up with this nick, using the full name of one of my favorite characters in science fiction: Agent Scully.

Here it is: Dana Katherine Scully.

I also had e-mails with Mulder’s name, but that’s over now. Although I don’t see much of myself in her, I like the way she sees the world, that’s a bit similar to mine. And how she let herself believe sometimes only because Mulder believes so hard on it!
She is very loyal to him and at some point she stops reporting about him to her boss.

When I was at high school, I was in a play based on X Files. I played Scully then. It was much fun, because I watched the show and really liked the character. I knew many aspects of her personality, how she acted and reacted to many situations.

I still have three seasons in DVD and books from the show. It was a shame when they started to change the characters and even tried to imply that Mulder and Scully were in love. It was an absurd idea! (and the movies suck!)

But then many people had many theories about the X Files. What I know is that it was not about aliens or supernatural stuff. It was about believing, trusting, compromising and evolving as a human being.


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