New playlist. New life.

Last week was terrible for me. Lots of strange things happening at the same time…

It’s been four weeks since my mother had surgery. She had to go to physical therapy everyday. I don’t have a car, so my mother’s boyfriend was taking her. Long story short: he was living in my house. At first it was annoying because I told my mother I didn’t want it. But after some days it started to get to my nerves. I kept telling my mother he had to go, but she wouldn’t do a thing!

Last week was the last drop. And mixing that with all the pressure at work, and the business trips…

On monday all I wanted to do was to cry. I wrote a lot here because I thought it’d do me good. But I was so angry with myself, and my mother, that nothing I tried was working. I even tried my friends this time (that’s something I don’t usually do… ask for help… I wrote about it 😉 ). Some really helped me. And the Dart Tournament saturday was essential for my partial recovery (thanks, guys!).

Everybody helped me in their way. I wasn’t alone this week. I felt supported. Each day a friend took me in. Each had his/her way to do that, but all together worked like a charm.

One of the things that helped was to create a new playlist. I do have to learn how to do that. Because I simply download a bunch of songs, put everything in the same folder and press play LOL Then I don’t know the name of the song, or the singer…

Right after a friend sent me a suggestion of a playlist, I was motivated to download new songs. So I found a new collection of songs from the 80s. For my surprise, this was much more cheerful than the one I had before.

Playlists, dinners, tournaments, and a walk in the park later, I feel much better. I didn’t have to kill anyone in the process, though I was inclined to do that on friday – sorry guys… I didn’t mean to frighten anyone!

Another thing that is helping a lot is a book I’m reading. It’s about forgiving… forgive what hurt you, what made you feel bad, what still makes you feel uneasy.