Random thougths

Yesterday I did something very rare. I decided to go out, even without company, in Campo Grande. That’s a big step for me. When I’m traveling I always do things alone. I go places, plan my day and go for it. But when I’m at home… oh, it’s so hard!

I already wrote (and said many times) that I enjoy my space and some time alone. This week was very stressful for me. Barbecue, work, many business meetings, Brasília airport for 2 hours. And then I had to work on saturday. I was exhausted! Funny thing, tough: I wasn’t physically tired. Ok I didn’t have my best sleep nights this week. For the first time I couldn’t sleep in the plane.

I frequently say to my self: “Vanessa, you should go to the park on sunday”. To clear my mind,  read a book, listen to a song, listen to nature. To recharge my energies. I need nature to do that. That’s why I have a garden at home. That’s why I always felt tired when I lived in Campinas. But I never go. Maybe now, with my bike I’ll go.

Reasons I never do that:

  • I have to go by bus. And it’s the same route I do for work.
  • When I start something, I have to go all the way. I usually starts my studies before lunch.. and I don’t finish by lunch… do the math.
  • Sometimes, I want some company, but I  don’t have it. And let’s be honest: how many people I know that want to go to the park at 2pm on a sunday?

Well, yesterday was different. I felt that if I stayed home I’d go crazy.

I like to enjoy the silence and calmness of the weekend. My mother wants to work on the house. There’s drilling, hamming and all sort of noises. She always passes by me talking about something that has nothing to do with me. She yells my name all the time. She gets mad at me because I want to take my rest!

This was a hard week for me. I needed this time. I went to the park. It was wonderful. Of course I wanted company yesterday. But it was good anyway.

I feel much better after that. I was very nervous. Far too many things happening at the same time! Now I feel myself again. I need to find a song that represents how I feel today 🙂 Too many romantic songs last week!

The worst thing is that I noticed I only listen to romantic songs lately. It’s been a while. It’s too much. Romantic comedies on tv, romantic songs on the mp4. Thank God my glycemia is normal! I need some action movie now! New playlist is a matter of urgency!

The problem with the movies is that even the action movies produced in Hollywood have some romance. WTF. Basic recipe: action, a couple that fights a lot but ends up together, good sound effects. If you need a romance, you put more people interfering into the couples lifes. If you want horror, kill lots of people. Want action? Put more action, more visual and sound effects and make sure the couple fights for less than 30 seconds, each time. Comedy, then? The fights are always about the most absurd things, the guy is a joke and the girl is the most typical stereotype.

(quanto odio no meu coraçãozinho hoje…)

This week I saw something funny on facebook. It was referring a game I like very much – The Sims. It said that maybe when you go into a room but forget what you wanted, probably someone canceled your action. It was fun! But I started to think how my life seems like a game play. If someone is playing myself, please, be merciful and solve this situation! Now, when I remember the “lives” I created on the game, I think myself a bit cruel. I’d test some theories about artificial intelligence on the game. And test the flaws. Something that I never thought was that when they were at work, chatting, talking, blogging, I never knew exactly what they were doing. So, if I’m a character in the game, they can’t hear me… Damn it! But I still think is worth trying 😉

See? I’m optimistic! I only hope they know english and portuguese LOL

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