Things about my trip

It was the first time I had a 30 day vacation. Before I came to Campo Grande, I never traveled in my vacations. That’s nothing to do with the city I live in. I always got my vacations from work on final tests month. And then, when it was vacation at school, I had to work.

When I finished college, I came to Campo Grande. So now I can get real vacations. And it started last year, when I went to Buenos Aires. And Curitiba. And Vitoria.

This year I went to Bonito. And Rio de Janeiro, lots of times. Then I went to US for the first time. Motive: my sister and brother-in-law.

I got 30 days off. I planned the trip over and over for four months. I knew I couldn’t stay away from home for 30 days. I knew I had to have a backup plan so when I got homesick, I could keep enjoying the trip.

My first backup plan was: New York should be the first trip. Boston, the last. My logic was that I should go to the city I was the least excited about first. Boston was last because my friend lives there with his wife. I knew that if I was homesick by then, it would help if I had someone I know around.

Well, I was right. It’s good when you know yourself, right?

What happened. I went to New York. First thing. Four days. It was great. It was what I needed. Four days by myself. I walked the streets. I learnt how the subway works. I went to lots of places. I went to 6 different places in one day! I was happy about that. I often thought about how it makes me feel good that I can do things by myself. I went to museums. Parks. Boat trips. Wonderful. Everything was great.

In Philadelphia things were a bit slowly. I was already tired of going out. Museums were not my best friends anymore. The upside of it? I could come to my sister’s home everyday. Good thing I like to talk. I talked to lots of people on the streets, and trains and places. That really distracted me.

Then my sister made me the biggest favor someone could do for me at that moment. She took me to shop. If you know me well, you know how I hate going shopping or to the mall. Imagine my surprise at the end of the day when I realized we spent more than 4 hours shopping, I wasn’t feeling tired and had many dollars missing from my account 😛

I have to tell you I met some people that gave me a boost on my self-esteem. I never thought of myself as a beautiful person. But things happened that made me change that.

So, Washington wasn’t as bad as I thought. I was feeling good about myself. I was already tired of doing things. The Mall was great. A large space where we can walk. And even being surrounded by streets, you hardly hear the sounds of cars. But wasn’t enough to put away the homesickness that was starting to grow. Lucky me I was there for only two days. My energy was renewed when I went back to my sister’s. At that time, all I wanted to do was stay at home. Watch tv. Play games. I didn’t want to go out. I didn’t want to travel. I didn’t want to do anything.

I had a conflict. I wanted to go back home, as quickly as I could. But I didn’t want to leave my sister. The last day was the worst. I didn’t know if I was more sad of leaving or happy for going home.

I went to Boston on my last week there. I remember thinking that if I hadn’t bought the tickets already, I would cancel the trip. Thank God I had the tickets. It was the best part of my trip. Not that the other three weeks were bad. Everything was incredible. But Boston was amazing. I was so tired of traveling. So tired of being so far from home. I didn’t have news from my friends. I knew they had some meetings while I was there. And I was happy about it! I was sad I wasn’t here to be part of that.

The four days I stayed in Sao Paulo were the worst. The feeling that you are so close but so far away! I stayed at my father’s house. Which did me great because we talked a lot and it distracted me. Not thinking of home for a while. I don’t know. I wasn’t born in Campo Grande, but it feels so much like home!

The weekend was as slow as it could be. I was at a conference. Saturday was ok. But Sunday afternoon was horrible. I couldn’t pay attention to anything. I was counting the minutes to get on that plane.

I’m a person who can’t stand to be in one attitude for too long. I can’t be the whole day sat. I have to walk around every half hour. At least! So, this 1.5h trip was torture!

I was finally home and was at ease. When I see the city beneath my feet… what an incredible feeling! It happens every single time.

I went to Rio de Janeiro many times this year. Some of those I stayed a couple of days. Others I stayed for more than a week. Every time I come back I have the same feeling. And this is ever since I came to live here. I thought when I left Campinas that I wouldn’t feel so comfortable in another city and that feeling of home was a special connection between the city and myself. I was wrong. As I was wrong about so many things.

This week I as at Rio (again) and talking about many things. The subject came to astrology. I’m a scorpio. By definition, not an easy person 😉 Although it’s impossible for me to believe that you have only 12 personalities for every person who walks on this planet, there are some aspects that are impossible to deny. Scorpio is usually associated with pride and jealousy. That’s exactly how I am. It’s also said that Scorpio is introvert. I’m exactly the opposite. Nothing is perfect 😉


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