What I like about it

I was going to name this post: Things I hate. But then, I remembered a tv show I used to watch called ‘What I like about you’ and that it was translated to portuguese as ‘Coisas que eu odeio em você’, which is the opposite. So I decided to use it 😉 in my way.

Actually, I wanted to create a mix of songs. Maybe write a whole post only using small sentences from the songs I like, but I’m not in the mood, so I’ll write a bit about some things that I hate and that I have to put up with almost on a daily basis.

I like people to be straight forward with me and with life. It may hurt others sometimes, and I was hurt some times, too. But I hate when people don’t take responsibilities for what they want or for the consequences of their acts. It feels like cowardness when people want something but don’t have the guts to do it. Sure, everybody has his reasons, but we can’t always ask other people to do what should be done by you.

Example: people want something to change, but instead of talking to the person who can make the change, they start to talk to everybody, mobilizing people to take that cause for themselves and hide behind the others. Sounds too union-like? I don’t like people taking advantage of others to benefit themselves. Grow up! Go get it yourself! Or stop complaining you don’t have it.

Going back to the Union mentioned back there. Let me explain. I don’t like brazilian Unions. Simply because they only seek the benefits for themselves. They don’t think about who they are representing. It is a small sample of the national congress. Or so it would seem.

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes we feel afraid and ask help from someone, to be more secure, to be sure your request is legitimate. I do that too! Sometimes you don’t talk directly to the person because you don’t want to hurt his feelings. I understand that. What I don’t understand is people complaining about something they know it’s not right and don’t do anything about it. And worst, asking someone to cover for them. It’s despicable. I hope I never do that. And if I do, that I have a friend to tell me, so it won’t be like I don’t do what I counsel for. I’d hate myself for that.

The second thing I don’t like is homofobia. Actually, it makes me angry when someone shows it. I have great friends that are homossexual. Many great people is. What’s wrong with that? I can’t see why people is so afraid of them. The worst part is that it usually comes from people who consider themselves ‘without any prejudice’. It’s a great prejudice!

“(…)Coretta Scott King stated that “Homophobia is like racism and anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry in that it seeks to dehumanize a large group of people, to deny their humanity, their dignity and personhood.””(wikipedia)

Something that is weird for me is that my parents are like that. Mistery is how I am not like them if they raised me. Maybe because they never showed it to me.

Back to the hate part… I hate it because it shows how people don’t accept who is different from them. Even if the difference shouldn’t make any difference at all in a working environment, for instance. Maybe they are afraid of becoming homossexual? Do they think it’s a virus you can catch by touching the person or breathing the same air?

The worst part: they joke about it. Sometimes we joke about so many things. That’s natural, I guess. But… ahn.. how can I put this into words? I was born in a city that everybody says it’s the ‘birthplace’ of homossexualism. There are many historic data that points to why people, back in the 1700s thought this way. I know thousands of jokes about it because I lived there. It amuses me? No. But I have to play my part. If I get mad, it gets worse, so I rather play along. But it has limits. There is one that is famous and I simply hate it: people say that is not safe to drink water in my city. It’s offensive in a way. Not a ‘I want to kill you because of it’ way.

The terrible thing is that people who are homophobic is always trying to find a homossexual around themselves. If someone is a bit different from them, in any way, that’s enough. And then there’s lack of respect for the person’s work and habilities.

Talking about prejudices, once I heard a person close to me say that the tactile paving in the streets is annoying and that blind people shouldn’t leave their homes. What a terrible thing to say! I felt so bad that day. I felt bad for her because of the way she thinks. It’s so backward-looking!

Too bitter? Not that pink? Hey, I’m the same person I was yesterday.. maybe a better person… still happy, ok? The song of the day is still working 🙂 Only needed to put it out a bit so it wouldn’t kill me inside.


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