Hosting: November 2010

November was a busy month. I traveled to Curitiba, Vitória and Campinas. I got some requests, but most of them were to be at home in the days of my trips.

But, there was one request we could accept. Carina and Simão were here two days before my trip to Vitória. They are portuguese, so there wouldn’t be a problem with my mother (who only speaks portuguese). They got here on wednesday and were supposed to leave on friday, but they enjoyed the city and wanted to stay a bit longer and plan the rest of their trip.

They cooked us a portuguese dish – a kind of strogonoff that was great.

They went to the Parque das Nações Indígenas by themselves and visited the Museu do Índio. Back home they told us about the museum and the curator. It was very interesting, since I’ve never been to that museum.

I went to Vitória on saturday morning and they stayed at home with my mother. Afterwards, they met Joel (a CSer from Campo Grande) and went together to Bonito.


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