4th CouchSurfing National Meeting Brazil – Curitiba: Day 4

The fourth day was incredible. I woke up early that day (despite getting home very late). Had breakfast with my host’s family. Said goodbye and thanked everyone. Then left.

On the previous night I spoke to Apgaua and he invited me to a breakfast at his friend’s. I also talked to Márcia and we agreed on meeting at Barigui Park.

I didnt want to spend too much money that day. It was my last day in Curitiba and I wanted to do lots of things – knowing it would be impossible to see everything! Lately I adopted a motto while traveling: I don’t have to see everything, but all I get to see I have to really enjoy and spend time appreciating. So, I wanted to see Barigui Park, Botanic Gardens and the Panoramic Tower.

I left my host’s house and went straight downtown. There I took a bus to Barigui Park. It was easier than I thought. At Barigui, after walking almost the entire park, I could meet Apgaua, Angela and Ricardo. Together we decided to go to the Panoramic Tower. It was great. One can see the entire city from up there!

We had lunch and, as I was out of bateries, we stopped at the market for me to buy some more.

After that we went to Oscar Niemeyer’s museum. I was there on saturday, but never got in. This time we made the real tour. The museum is enormous, so we weren’t able to see all expositions. Puty. But the company was great 🙂

After that, Ricardo (who lives in Curitiba) took us to a wine tasting. The wine was wonderful! Next time I’ll go to Curitiba I’ll buy some to bring home. I don’t like white wine that much but the one we drank there was very good.

Then, it was time to go home… My plane was leaving at 7pm, so I had to be at the airport at 6pm. My plan was to get a special bus to go there, but it was already 5:45pm.  I was afraid I was going to miss the plane, so Ricardo offered to take me to the airport. I got there at 6:20pm.

Then the adventure started :O I tried the online check in but the machine didn’t print my boarding pass. I went to one of the company’s atendents and he said the check in was finished and I had to rebook the flight. I was desperate and with two other girls in the same situation, we complaint and got our boarding passes.

I got home late (after 11pm). But it was a great trip. I met wonderful people. Made some good friends.

The next few days I got lots of messages at CouchSurfing and Facebook. I even met some of the friends I met in Curitiba days later in Vitoria… But that’s a story to another post 😉


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