4th CouchSurfing National Meeting Brazil – Curitiba: Day 3

Third day. The most expected trip by train to Morretes. The famous Barreado.

I woke up before 6am. Carmen, Nathalia’s mother, was awake and made me breakfast. I was out before 7am, because I had to be at the train station at 8am. I took a bus to Hauer station and there I took the Ligeirão to Shopping Estação (which I’ve been on saturday, so I knew how far it was from the train station). The plan: get there at 7:30, walk to the train station, get my ticket with Schnaider and, if there was enough time, get my bus ticket, which I had bought one week earlier but had only the voucher.

I had to run a bit, because there was a huge crowd at the station. But I could get all the tickets and get aboard on time.

The view of Serra do Mar from the train was beautiful. But I have to say it would be a very boring trip without the company I had. The train moves so slowly that you think you can go down, take a walk and get back to the train and there’d time to spare. Fortunately, most of the people in the same car I was in were from CouchSurfing and they were fun, high spirited, motivated people. We had lots of fun.

Of course, the train was so slow that we would be standing up all the journey. It was rare to see someone sat.

The sentence that represents the day comes from Sílvia, while she was boarding: “I could’ve been mugging, doing drugs, or murdering people, but all I ask is a Good Morning from you.” And she kept waving goodbye  to every one who passed by the train. And we cheered when they waved back!

I made some good friends that day. I met Apgaua and Angela, from Vitória, who I’ll be meeting again in ten days. Sílvia, from São Paulo, who is a great company in a trip and I’m sure she is a great company to lots of other things we didn’t have time to do. Helder, from Curitiba, the organizer of the event – very nice guy, very attentive to all of us, concerned if we were enjoying the meetings. Rebecca from São Paulo. And Lowena, who kept calling my name out loud. I don’t know if she realizes how fun that was for me, because it was one of those little things that makes you feel part of the group.

At Morretes we had the typical dish called Barreado. It’s basically meat cooked and served with cassava flour. Ok, it’s not that simple, but I can’t explain it any other way. After lunch, we took a walk in town. A great time. I could get to know Felipe, from Rio. A very nice guy, he gave me some tips about CS. He gave the idea of an invasion in Campo Grande. Lots of people gave great ideas of things we could do in town, such as games, bike tour, barbecues. I was very excited about it.

On the way back, we took a bus and drove by Estrada da Graciosa, which is an old road, built over the original road they used back in the 1700s to go from the beach to Curitiba. It goes winding up the mountain and one can see amazing things. The road is made by bricks and it’s something marvelous!

The best thing is that an old men sat by me and we were talking the whole trip. He said he served in the navy and he was from Curitiba. He was very nice and knows a lot about the place. Told me great stories about the city. Also, we could talk about everything, from politics to environment. It was great!

On the last curve of the road, our bus broke. I didn’t have a thing to do after the trip and the dinner was going to start only at 10pm, so it was fine by me. I asked the driver if he would ask for another bus. He told me the engines were too hot, so we had to wait another 15 minutes. Then we could continue the trip.

The men I was talking to told me there was an overlook nearby and advised me to go there. It was unbelievable. It was worth the bus being broken! It the bus hadn’t broke, we wouldn’t stop at this overlook. I told the group about it, but nobody in the bus went to the overlook but Uanderson, from Rio.

At night there was the farewell dinner. Was a great event. I was expecting something more formal, actually. Well, I like things that are more personal, small groups, and that kind of stuff. But dinner was fine. And it was nice to see people again, bid farewell to all. Meet new people.

At this time, I was really exhausted because I hadn’t slept that much the whole weekend and I was eager to go home and sleep at least 8hours straight! After dinner (the restaurant shut us off at 2am), Nathalia took me home. It was really late, everyone was sleeping. So I entered as quiet as I could and went straight to bed.

I was already missing all of this and start feeling sad I had to go back home the next day…


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