4th CouchSurfing National Meeting Brazil – Curitiba: Day 2

The second day was sunday – elections day. I knew I could vote outside my home town, but when I heard about it, the period of notifications was over so I couldn’t notify the proper agency. Therefore, I had to to to a school and justify my absence. Yes, in Brazil we must vote and if we don’t do it, or don’t justify it, we cannot have a valid passport or even get a job.

Well, I went prepared. I printed the voucher back home and took it with me. Nathalia, my host, went to cast her vote and I went with her.

Job’s done, time to have fun!

This was a remarkable day. In the afternoon we went to a picnic in the park behind Oscar Niemeyer Museum. My original plan was to go inside the museum first, then go to the picnic. But when we got there I was overwhelmed by the number of people from CouchSurfing eating, drinking, laughing and talking. I only wanted to join them. And that’s what I did.

I could talk again with people I met the night before and it was great. Márcia, Bruno, Miguel, Marie-Line, Lorena… A lot more people. Nathalia, my host, was there too. It was really fun. (Fun fact: most people would introduce themselves telling which costume they were wearing the night before)

I also met amazing people, such as Johannes and John. Lowena found me again. I still can hear her calling my name 😀

Junior (BH), Miguel (PY) and I talked for some time about visiting Paraguay, Belo Horizonte and Campo Grande. I really wish we can reunite in both three places. I told Miguel people in Campo Grande was preparing an invasion at Asunción and I loved Miguel’s idea of going to a national park in Paraguay (which I can’t remember the name…) for camping. Apparently, it’s half way between Campo Grande and Asunción. I’m very excited about it!

Then, I met Felipe (RJ) and Panda (CWB) and we talked about how the city is chosen to host a National Meeting. Panda explained to us how it works. Later on we were talking about the next national meeting and, I’m sorry to say that, but at this time Campo Grande is not prepared to host such an event. Not because of the city, because I believe we can make it work. But because the group is not so involved in the project as the people from Curitiba obviously is. But I do hope we’ll be ready in a couple of years. We only need to gather more often, go to these big events and get more people motivated about it 🙂

At one time I was talking to a guy, I don’t remember what we were talking about… I was wearing a t-shirt from Curitiba with a hummingbird on it. He thought I was from Curitiba. After a five-minute talk I said who I was and where I was from and his reaction was: ‘You’re Vanessa?!’. Then I read his name tag, and the reaction was: “So, you’re Luiz!!”. We both laughed. Because we exchanged some messages days before the meeting. He invited me to be his guest, told me he’s coming to Campo Grande for New Year’s. So, when we realized we were talking to each other was a great, joyful surprise 🙂

After a while we were invited to go to the Pope’s park, that was just beyond where we were. It was a nice walk, although I was talking to John and didn’t pay attention to the place. But I think I wouldn’t see any animals there anyway.

We ended up staying until the sun went down. The next meeting was to be a soirée and I took my clothes with me, so I didn’t have to go back home to change. It was a great idea because then we didn’t waste time 😉

Nathalia gave us a ride to Realejo, where the soirée was going to take place. I was so excited about it because I had never been to a soirée before. Most of my friends don’t like that kind of cult gatherings… I even took a book of poetry with me. I chose ‘Uma história’ from Casimiro de Abreu. It’s one of my favorites. I once knew it by heart, but I was afraid I wasn’t going to remember it right, so I decided to take the book. And I’m glad I bought it! Yes, I bought the book a long time ago and only because it has that poem.

Besides reading poems, people sang, told jokes, performed some small scenes. Luiz (he organizer) presented us with a puppetry show – amazing 🙂

On the next day we would have a train trip early in the morning, so I decided to go home before the party was over. I got a ride to a place downtown and took a cab from there.

The second day was over, but I was feeling like everything was just beginning…


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