4th CouchSurfing National Meeting Brazil – Curitiba: Day 1

I’ve heard about this meeting back in august and I wanted to go so badly that I even used Tam’s mileage to go there. It wasn’t cheap, because with the same number of points I could’ve gone to a farther place. But it worthed all the anxiety, the money spent… everything!

The journey began when I learnt about the meeting and it was an opportunity I shouldn’t miss. This was the first national meeting I was going to attend. Nobody in Campo Grande was coming, so I was going to a strange place, with no acquaintances. First, I started to talk to the organizers so that I could learn more about the events, the rules for asking for a couch, and other stuff.

My first contact was Fernanda. She was very polite and helped me with all that she could. I started then to look for a couch. I decided to ask for Nathalia and she accepted hosting me for the entire weekend. Next step was buying the tickets. At first, I wanted to go on friday. But, as I work full time, I could only fly at 7pm and would get at Curitiba after 12am. Then I thought: what would I do at 12am there?

Then it was decided: I would go on saturday. But the first event was at 10am, so I had to get there early. Fortunately, there was a flight at 5:30am and I got there before 8am. Wow. It was great!

On the week of the event, they changed some of the scheduled events, so the first thing was lunch at Mercado Municipal, midday. I had plenty of time to walk around the city and see some stuff on my own.

I got a bus from the airport to Passeio Público and walked from there. I went in to see the mini zoo and took some amazing pictures. Then, I walked to the Historic part of the city. I met a nice couple from Brasília and they took some pictures of me near a fountain. I also took some pictures for them. I thought they were at Curitiba for the meeting, too, but it was just a coincidence.

At midday I was at Mercado Municipal. I got there early and couldn’t find anybody from the meeting! Of course, I didn’t know anyone except by their profile’s picture. Oh, Edson decided to go to the meeting, too and I was waiting him there. After waiting for more than 30 minutes, I found a guy with the t-shirt of the event. A few minutes later there was more than 20 people gathered.

After lunch, we headed for the City Tour. I met many amazing people! Laughed a lot. It had been quite some time I didn’t laugh like that. We went to Opera de Arame, then to Tanguá. After that, we went home. Then I met my host, Nathalia and her family. They were very nice to me. We had enough time to talk a lot, share travel experiences and also political views.

At night we went to the Halloween Party. Awesome. It’s incredible how comfortable you feel when nobody knows you hahaha There was nothing to eat there, I woke up at 3am that day, so after 3am I was a mess. My blood pressure went to the feet and I took a 5-minute-nap in a chair in the middle of the dance floor.


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