1st Oktoberfest Campo Grande – MS

This weekend there was the 1st Oktoberfest at CTG Tropeiros da Querência, in Campo Gande.  The tickets were 15 reais but they gave us a cup to drink the beer. As I don’t drink beer, I didn’t use my cup there and drank only soda 😉We ate an einsbein and bought a Cuca for our breakfast (with pineapples… it was amazing!). They had pastel, cakes, sausages and other stuff. But one einsbein was enough for us (it was very big!).

It wasn’t crowded, and I guess that’s because of the entrance fee. Mainly CTG members. It was interesting because there was this couple sitting near us and, now and then, they’d leave their table, leaving their cups, to go to the dance floor. When they returned, their things were still there, untouched. Nobody would take the seats or anything. That was until outsiders from CTG came. Then a guy took one of the seats fo his group. When the couple came back, we gave them one of the seats we were saving for friends. In the end, nobody showed up, although Lívia texted me.

The party started at 8pm and we stayed until midnight.  We only waited for the traditional beer contest. The participants had to drink 700ml of beer as fast as they could, without stopping. It was fun. Of all the 12 contestants, only one could drink everything and in only 7 seconds! I barely could take pictures  because it was too fast. The prize was a vey large cup full of beer.

There was also music and some traditional dances.

It was also a good place to give me ideas for the costume party next week 😉


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