MS Canta Brasil Outubro/2010: Titãs

The day started raining and I thought we wouldn’t go anymore. But, around 4pm the rain stopped. Ok, I was going anyway 😉 I really like Titãs and, although this was the third I attended to I was very excited. The band has only half of the original members but still their concert is amazing!

The concert was part of a project produced by the stated government where once a month (usually the first sunday of the month) they offer a free concert at Parque das Nações Indígenas, in Campo Grande. The concert has two bands: the first is always a local artist and the second is a known national band or singer.

I always try to go. I’ve been to almost all of them: Frejat, Arnaldo Antunes, Nando Reis, Elba Ramalho, Lulu Santos.

They played for two hours. After 1h they’d played almost all my favourite songs. The playlist included: Polícia, Porrada, Epitáfio, Vossa Excelência, Sonífera Ilha, 32 dentes, Cabeça Dinossauro, Família, Comida, Bichos Escrotos, Go back, Marvin, Flores, O Pulso, Televisão, Lugar Nenhum, AA UU, Amor por Dinheiro, Antes de Você, Porque eu Sei que é Amor, A Estrada, Deixa eu Entrar, A melhor banda de todos os tempos da última semana, Aluga-se, Diversão. Hum.. I think that was it 🙂

And, this week Tony Bellotto publish on his blog about the concert.


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