I’ve always wanted to live in a place where I could have some fruit trees in the backyard. This was not the first plan here in Campo Grande, but now we have four trees. It was hard to decide which fruits trees but we came up with lemon, tangerine, lychee and blackberry. They are very small and they’ll only have fruits in two years, but here they are:
We wanted fruits we like to eat anytime and also those we can’t find in the supermarket (or that are really expensive to buy). We use lemon a lot, so it was an obvious choice. I really like tangerine, then it was the second. I wanted lychee but I was afraid it would grow too much and it wouldn’t go well in the hot weather, but people told me it goes fine. As for the blackberry, this was a new one. We haven’t thought about it until a few days ago. We also want to have an orange tree, but it’ll have to wait a bit more.

We hope next year the trees will be large enough to make some shadows for us. But fruits, only in two years…


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