Pets: fights, injuries and gifts

Well, I guess the sun phenomenon affected my pets in some way. Up in the sky the sun halo was astonishing everyone in Campo Grande and at home Boo was trying to make friends with Kate. I think Kate was more concerned about my mom taking the pictures than anything else 😉

It’s been a while Boo’s trying to get close to Kate. But they get along well as long as nobody is near them. Bia, on the other hand, doesn’t like Kate and that’s it. Later on the same day, when I got home, Kate was so happy playing around me and she entered the house, where Bia was watching us. And Bia scracthed Kate and I. Kate wasn’t happy about Bia’s behavior towards her, so she was barking and trying to bite her. In the end, the scratch was deep enough for Kate to bleed a lot. And nothing happened to Bia. Lesson learned: don’t push Bia too hard!

Today, I decided to give something to Kate and we bought a very large bone for her. The interesting part is how well Kate behaves when we have any treat to her 😉 When see noticed the bone in my hand, she stopped jumping, barking, crying or anything else. She sat near me and started to look at me in the way only she knows how to.


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