Hosting: September 2010

In semptember we met Anne-Christine, from Canada. She arrived on the 9th, in the evening. She was very friendly to us and looked very happy to be travelling in Brazil.

She was a different kind of tourist. She came to Brazil for some classes on Architecture and Design and was traveling through the country, getting to know some places. She had just been to Manaus and was heading to Foz do Iguaçú. On friday, she went for a walk in the city. Really: walking. She left our house, walked to Centro, bought her bus ticket to Cascavel (there she’d have to buy a ticket to Iguazu) and got back, again walking. She like to walk on the cities she’s staying, take a look around. She sees the places with a different look. On saturday we were talking about places to visit and what kind of things we like to do when we are in different cities. She has an interesting way of enjoying her trips. I think my trip to Buenos Aires was almost the way she does her trips in the cities… Walking, watching the people from the place and note how they act, and talk.

On saturday we had a barbecue and after that we went for a walk together. We went to an ice cream shop nearby. The ice cream was good – the day was a bit hot for a winter… even Campo Grande winter!

The CouchSurfing experience is getting better each day. We are learning how to be a host… trying not to be the ultimate host, caring about every little thing, but instead, getting our guests the freedom to do what they want, help us if they like to do that. And, each guest give us tips on how to do that in better ways.

On the 18th was the time for us to meet another great catalan couple: Montserrat and Aleix. This young couple is traveling around the word and their trip started in Brazil. They came by plane from Rio and their plan was to visit Pantanal and Bonito and go back to São Paulo on the 25th. Meaning they had only one week to do that.

They arrived on saturday evening. We had pizza, talked a bit and went to bed. They were so happy when they saw the beds! They were really tired and needed some rest.

On sunday they slept in. When they woke up, they went on looking for an agency to take them to Pantanal the next day. When they could hire one, we went to Parque das Nações Indígenas. They liked it very much. We saw a large family of capivaras and we could get very close to them. Some were eating and others were stretching in the sun while some birds were eating the bugs in their fur.

The afternoon was so nice. The sun wasn’t too hot, there were some clouds in the sky, and the temperature was perfect. We could walk for a while and see the lake. The park was not crowded. Because of the dry season the river was lower than usual. On the other side of the lake, facing the avenue, the water from the lake goes back to the river. They could walk in a place where the water was very low and it was safe. We took pictures. I sat in the grass for a while and watched the sky and the birds.

When we got home we heard bad news. The agency they hired called saying they couldn’t receive them on monday because they were full. Then we started a frenetic race, looking for other agencies, calling every number we got. Finally we could get through Magali and they got a good deal to go on Monday to Pantanal.

Then we got a request from Rabea. She is german, but is in a internship in Dourados. She got here on saturday afternoon (25th). It was a bit late to go out, so we chatted a bit in the porch. Her internship is part of Iaeste program, which provides university students an internship in other countries. I almost went to Poland with that program. I got an internship but the reply came too late and I was working in an important project at that time. Anyway, I’m glad I know CouchSurfing now, because I can visit all the countries I planned at the time and meet people – maybe make friends – in the process.

Unfortunately it rained a lot on Sunday – after almost two months without rains, we had a very wet week!. So I couldn’t take her to the park. We stayed inside, talked a bit, watched some movies and stuff.

It was her first experience with CouchSurfing, and I hope she liked to stay here.


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