Trip to Pantanal


Last weekend I was at the Pantanal. The trip is in a place called Estrada Parque Pantanal Sul, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. I paid for the 4 day trip. Here is what I took and is a good Pantanal kit 😉

  • Sunblock
  • Repelent
  • Snacks
  • Water bottle
  • Sleeping bag
  • Digital camera
  • Flash light

I’ll probably take binoculars next time so I can see the birds better.

Day 1:

We left Campo Grande on saturday at 10am and got at Buraco das Piranhas at 3pm (give or take). Then, it’s a 30min trip on Estrada Parque until the camping site.

We didn’t do anything that day. When we got there was almost dark. We could see the sunset, though.

The weather was nice with temperatures around 30°C during the day. The weather reports said there was a slightly chance of light rains.

Day 2:

The temperature was 14°C that night and it took me sometime to get warm. I slept in a hammock and even with the sleeping bag and a blanket I felt cold. I had to put part of the blanket under me. I felt like a cocoon!

Well, the breakfast is served early. At 7h30 am we left for a walking. We took the car up Estrada Parque to a spot where our guide leaded us through the forest. There are some groups of trees and then big openings.

We could see howling monkeys and macaws. In the openings we could see lots of birds, including tucans. Near the end of morning, I spotted a deer in the woods. Awesome!

In the afternoon we went on a boat trip on the Abobral river. We got really close to the Caymans! Our boat gave us a lot of work. The engine broke. Twice. The first time we got some guys who were in a fishing trip to help us. The second time we ran out of gas. Then, the guys gave us a ride to the camping site.

The big coincidence was that those guys are from Campinas. And they know people I know there. Cool, uh?

Well, back to the camp we had dinner and then went on a night safari. It was cold. And we couldn’t see many animals. Ok, we saw one capivara and one deer that lives near the camp. That was it.

Day 3:

We went to a safari in the morning. It was amazing! The night before a couple from Venezuela arrived at the camp. They study birds and they went with us on the safari. It was nice because they helped me identifying the birds and even let me use their binoculars. Back to the camp they showed me this field guide they have of all brazilian birds. They said Brazil has 1800 species of birds!

In the afternoon we went piranha fishing. Wasn’t the nicest thing to do but it was fun. And there were some otters having their share of piranhas, too 😉

I was so tired that evening that I went straight to bed after dinner.

Day 4:

Unfortunately, my last day. I was expecting to go horseback ridding. But, it wasn’t included in my package. So, I went on another walk. But this time I got a different guide. I enjoyed a lot more. This other guide talked a lot and showed us much more animals. Ok, it got lucky because the animals only appear when they want.

Even so… we found coatis, more howling monkeys (but with babies this time), deers, wild pigs, blue macaws, parrots, a nest of jaburu with three babies. We spotted a lot of birds I don’t know the names – of all sizes and colors.

After lunch, I got the bus back to Campo Grande. I got home around 9pm.

If I could, I’d stay there for a whole week. I wouldn’t mind doing the walking and the safari everyday 🙂 It was really amazing.


The pictures are in my Picasa Web Album.


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