Hosting: July 2010

July was a busy month! We got many people coming over 🙂

The first was Daniela. She was finishing a four-month-trip though South America and going back to her home in Espírito Santo. She arrived in Campo Grande on thursday 8th and her flight was on saturday morning – the amazing 3am flight (this one is great because you can’t sleep before the flight and when you get to the destination is almost lunch time!).

She got here by bus, coming from Bolívia. She had traveled a lot, too, so she had some great stories to tell us from her trips in Europe and America. She also helped us to understand better how CouchSurfing works, gave us great tips about hosting and surfing.

I had to work on friday, so my mother showed her the city. They went to Parque das Nações Indígenas. It was a hot day!

At first, she wanted to leave before 10pm, but then we convinced her to stay until 1am. The airport is not that far from home and she would be alone there waiting for the flight. Besides, it was a friday, so there was no real trouble to stay up.

Then we had the honor to meet Tanya, from Russia. She had arranged to stay with Gisele and  Rubnei, but they couldn’t receive her anymore, so they refered me. It was great. She was coming to see Pantanal. Unfortunately, we had a thick fog over the city – and I’m pretty sure it was over the whole state – so the temperatures were very low. We don’t have heating at home (it’s never that cold, so brazilian homes don’t have heating…) and we felt really cold. My mother cooked us some soup and Tanya tried to get warmer by the fire.

Well, we had fun, at least. We were looking for something to make us feel warmer, so we prepared hot tea, hot chocolate, hot coffee. Nothing really worked for the heat, but at least we laughed at lot!

On friday morning she went to Pantanal. We borrowed her a sleeping bag, and it was great because it was really cold over there. Unfortunately she couldn’t see many animals, because they were cold too!

She was back on Monday night, stayed with us again and left the next morning.

While Tanya was in Pantanal, I got a distress call from Pauline, a french girl who was studying in Argentina for one year and was traveling in Brazil in her last month on the continent. Her flight was cancelled because of the fog and the airline wouldn’t pay a hotel for her. She asked to stay with us and we accepted. She only stayed that night, it was cold, we had some fondue, talked a bit, but everybody was very tired, so we went to bed early. The next day she went to the airport and I saw on the news that all flights were cancelled again. But her plan B was to get a bus if that happened again, because she had to be in Mendonza on wednesday.

Our last guests on the month were very special 😉 My sister and her husband. And they brought Kate to stay with us while they are living in the USA.


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