Hosting: April 2010

The second guest we had was Ludovic, from France. He was going to Pantanal and needed a place to stay one night. He arrived on the evening of the 5th and left early next morning.

We had so much fun! We stayed up late talking. He was so alergic to cats! And Bia wouldn’t left his lap. But he said he didn’t mind, because he also have cats and love them despite the alergies.

He had seen so many places. What amazed me was the amount of pictures he carried around: two full DVDs. He showed me many pictures, told me amazing stories. He also showed me cute videos about cats on YouTube.

The very next week came Alvaro, from Spain. He also was going to Pantanal and needed to stay in Campo Grande for one night. He got in the evening of the 13th.

My spanish is not good and I was ashamed to talk in spanish with him. So, I missed the first opportunity I had to practice a bit 😦 I regret it. He even tried to make a deal with me: he would speak in Portuguese and I in Spanish, so we both would practice. I didn’t take it.


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