Hosting: December 2009

Our first CouchSurfing experience!

We hosted Davide and Paolo, two italians who were travelling through Central and South America and arrived in Brazil one day after Christmas. They stayed with us for three nights (the whole weekend). They tried to buy flight tickets to Rio, but couldn’t – something wrong on Azul website. So, they were going by bus – a 25 hour trip!

Davide had been to Brazil before, but it was the first time for Paolo. Davide could speak portuguese, but we mainly talked in English.

We went to Horto Municipal, Mercadão and Morada dos Baís. In Mercadão we eat Pastel de Jacaré and drank Garapa. After that, we went to Parque das Nações Indígenas. They are skaters, so we went looking for a skate place. We found it at the park – I had no idea they had one there! :O

We stayed a while there, watching the skaters. It was a nice day. It wasn’t that hot. We talked a bit about Campo Grande, Brazil and other stuff – like Dengue.

The next day we went to Feira Central and had some ice cream.

On monday morning they got their bus to Rio de Janeiro and we went to the bus station to bid farewell.

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